Zero Covid works

Zero Covid works

A couple of days ago, the WHO called out China for their Zero Covid strategy that is causing such huge societal problems in Shanghai, and to some extent Beijing. But what is Zero Covid? The Zero Covid strategy is….. fighting the pandemic. That’s it. Remember at the beginning of the pandemic in the UK and around the world. We had full lockdowns, we had 30 minutes of outdoor exercise time per day, we wore masks everywhere, and it was wildly successful in reducing cases and deaths. Far more successful than anything we’ve done since the vaccines came along.

Zero Covid in Shanghai has not been as effective this time, but you have to imagine that frustration at being the only country still taking Covid seriously with these kinds of measures is playing a big role. Western governments have inflicted their stupidity on the Chinese people, and are trying to use the anger of the locked down citizens to pressure the Chinese government into dropping Zero Covid and letting the virus run free, with devastating consequences. And the western media are eating it up. Even the WHO have now been brainwashed into advocating for ending covid measures and putting endless economic growth above public health.

One of the big talking points in western news is that China isn’t vaccinated properly. Their own vaccine isn’t as effective as the western vaccines, and a lot of the population hasn’t been vaccinated at all. But, funnily enough, they tend not to mention that China has been more successful in suppressing the virus and protecting its citizens (and the economy) than the rest of the world has been with highly effective vaccines. Practically everywhere outside of China, countries have brought in vaccines and then given up on other measures, and it hasn’t worked. But rather than accepting their mistake, they’re hell bent on forcing China to go down the same path.

I really hope China continues to resist the pressure and stick with Zero Covid, because it’s clearly the best strategy for both public health and the economy (not that I care about protecting this economy). I think they will, but the western media will not give in either. In the west, we’re so stupid now that the only evidence that could maybe prove to people that Zero Covid works would be for them to drop it and then see the resulting massive wave of cases, long covid and deaths. It’s never enough to show what would or could happen based on what we know. People need to see the disaster before they believe it.

The only thing I would change would be to allow people who haven’t tested positive that crucial 30 minutes or so of outdoor exercise time per day no matter where they’re located. To not allow people to leave home at all is what’s really made this situation newsworthy, and given ammunition to the western governments who only care about the health of the destructive fossil fuelled economy.