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  • We Live in a Beautiful Place Ruined by Cars and Pollution

    We have the sea a couple of miles or so to the south of us, and the hilly countryside about the same distance to the north. You would think that it would be a paradise for cycling in the UK, but unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the case. Between the hills and the English […]

  • How To Get Worthing Cycling Without Doing Anything

    Worthing council is famous for being unwilling to do anything to encourage cycling (aside from literally encouraging it). This is a special post for the powers that be over there. The definitive guide for getting people cycling in Worthing for the lowest possible price: free. 1. Introduce bicycle hire (including electric bike option) with docks […]

  • Is Cycling in Worthing Fun Any More?

    I just got back from a night ride at just after 10pm. I’ve gone out riding at about 9pm every other ride since the covid bike lane was removed (every 4 days). Today was the day that the “national lockdown” ended and we went back into the local tiered system. I wasn’t expecting to see […]