The Loud Minority Aren’t the Problem, the Quiet Majority Are

The other even smaller minority that desperately needs to be heard.

Most people want bike infrastructure and a green recovery, but the loud minority don’t. And they’re the ones that always get listened to. And not only that, the nice people even assume that most people disagreed with them. The tiny minority of sociopaths dictate the narrative in the media and the direction society takes.

I keep hearing this type of thing. Greta posted a while ago when I first started writing this blog saying that climate deniers are no longer the issue. The problem is with “general ignoring and belittling of the climate emergency”. And it’s no less true a year later.

This is becoming increasingly obvious as a problem in almost every aspect of society. The bad people run the show and the good people let them. I don’t believe for a second that there are more climate deniers in this country than people who care deeply about protecting our future. I mean why would you want to hurt your own future and that of your children and the rest of the future generations?

Same with politics. I can’t imagine that there are more people in this country that when fully informed would choose to vote for Boris Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn. The reasons they didn’t were that many of the good people were either not paying attention, or they were tricked by the media and the evil people who want nothing to change.

The only way we can move forward is to ignore these people and get everyone else properly informed. People like Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage will never have an epiphany and change direction, or admit what they’ve done was wrong. They will continue all the way to us roasting, drowning or starving to death in the climate chaos to come.

If we’re to have any chance for a better future, the quiet majority need to get the fuck informed and engaged. And fast.

Does Trump Matter?

At first, I was so angry every time he undid a climate or energy regulation. But as time has gone on, it’s become clear to me that it really doesn’t matter what he and his cabinet of fools does. Not to mention, it’s practically a never-ending process which is still relentlessly continuing until every law is repealed. This week’s energy week (aka fossil fuel week) is a prime example.

Coal is on the way out, gas and oil are soon to follow, with renewable energy in the ascendancy. He can only slow down the transitional process, but really, when the rest of the world are so united, and he is showing himself more and more to be living in the past, he will just look increasingly delusional, even to the people who voted for him.

A huge number of cities in the US and around the world have pledged to stick to the terms of the Paris Agreement, and even step up efforts further. That is great news of course. But even beyond this, there has to be a point in the near future where the rest of the country say enough is enough and force the hand of Trump to do what’s right and keep the US competitive economically. Tesla will of course help to keep them competitive in the green economy regardless. But whether or not they can do it by themselves really depends on how quickly they can scale up both their car and solar / storage businesses.

At this point, it seems inevitable that we’re on the cusp of a huge swing towards the left in politics in major economies around the world. I could be wrong, but the tide definitely seems to finally be turning away from the right and far right. People are seeing what Trump and Brexit meant, and they fought back. They pushed back in France, The Netherlands and the UK in the general election where Theresa May didn’t lose and lost big at the same time.

Don’t get too angry about Trump like I and many others have been. Still bring attention to his moronic, trolling policies, but don’t get too stressed about it. Focus on the positives and do what you personally can to make an impact. All he can do is slow things down, and to be honest, the way things are going, I don’t think he can even do that very successfully. I take everything personally as an insult to me. But if I just remember that it’s not my fault and Trump and his team of idiots are the ones who are going to be a laughing stock in years to come (not that they aren’t already, but you know what I mean), it makes me feel a lot better.

Where Does Climate Policy Go Following The Election?

The conservatives have won, but what are they going to do to tackle the climate crisis? Personally, I don’t believe they are the party of choice as far as climate change is concerned. When I checked their website in the run up to the election, I couldn’t find a single policy about the subject. The only thing that had any relevance to it was about protecting the green belt. A great thing, but nothing other parties weren’t offering, and a far cry from Lib Dem, Green or Labour policies.

My feeling is that the situation will continue to be left in the hands of the people. If you want to get solar panels, go for it. But you won’t be compensated for it. If you want an electric car, great. Just don’t expect the government to extend the £5k subsidy. This is especially the case now that the Liberal Democrats, the driving force for environmental policies in the coalition, are no longer in power.

I think eventually things will change through necessity. But we will have to reach a point where panic sets in for that to happen. Perhaps the Paris summit will be that point, but probably not.