iPod Event Thoughts

So fresh off another Apple event I thought I’d post some thoughts on the stuff they announced today.

iPod Shuffle: Not too much to say here, they changed the colours to some different, more interesting flavours. They’re nice for people who want a shuffle now because they look more sophisticated than the previous ones. Other than the colour, nothing else to talk about.

iPod Classic: They took the 5.5g model and added an ridiculously huge hdd to it. For me personally I would have no use for even the 80gb since my macbook drive is 60gb and I don’t have enough room for more than 20gb of itunes stuff on there anyway. I can’t even really think who would want that much on their iPod. I would probably only put the last episode of each podcast on there and my music collection is at the moment 3.5gb so it would be wasted space. Anyway, aside from the huge storage increase, they lowered the price which is nice and also changed the look. It still has the shiney, scratchable back but now a nano-esque aluminum front in silver or black which definitely looks better than the old white and black plastic. The interface on it looks much nicer and I like the included games. I think vortex is a nice game for when your somewhere and need to waste a few minutes. Overall I can’t complain with this. However I was surprised they didn’t just completely replace it with the touch and call that the iPod, but if they had done that, the touch wouldn’t be flash based which I much prefer.

iPod nano: The nano is interesting for a couple of reasons. Mainly bad reasons. Starting with the positives, as I said with the classic, the interface is nice, the games are a good addition, the price and memory are good and of course the addition of video is difficult to complain about. However, none of those things can make up for the look of this thing. Apple usually get the design spot-on but this new nano is so ugly looking it’s embarrasing.

They’ve taken away the sleek style of the last nano and replaced it with something that looks too toyish and cute. There’s nothing really wrong with that but for me it’s lost it’s appeal. I think it’s the rounded corners and square shape that make it seem like that. Even if the screen is bigger why not put it in a different way and make it less square. I’m guessing the squareness and the small size will make it difficult to hold and use the click wheel easily but thats just my impression. You could compare it to the creative zen micro which is very similar and is also very toy like in appearance.

The final thing about the nano is cover flow, as with the classic too. You could also include the touch and iPhone but it works better on those I think. Cover flow is fine, but Apple seem intent on touting it as such a great feature when it’s so gimmicky. It looks nice in itunes and the iPhone/touch but after the first couple of times I wouldn’t use it. Once the novelty wears off it becomes just a waste of battery power and time when you could just be flicking or scrolling straight to where you need to be. Plus it’s not like you can’t see the album art in the now playing view anyway. They should have just said it has cover flow and moved on to the next thing. Overall, it’s not that bad and will undoubtedly sell tons, I just wish they had come up with a more streamlined look.
iPod touch: I should point out to begin that I have already placed an order for an 8gb one of these and I’ll explain why. I always said that the iPhone would be amazing for me if I could have it without the phone and the contract which come side by side. I wanted to have a video iPod with flash memory so I didn’t have to have a hard drive that could break and bad battery life. I also wanted the safari browser for taking out to keep a check on things and not have to bring my laptop with me. The YouTube thing and safari were a bonus really because I wasn’t expecting anything other than a simple iPod with a touch screen. The whole wi-fi thing with login pages made sense and youtube of course makes sense too, then to top that, the wi-fi store blew my mind as I really didn’t expect it despite hearing rumours of it crop up a little.

There were people who were saying why didn’t they include mail, maps, etc…. The fact is they had to draw the line somewhere or this thing would be so much like the iPhone they might as well just put them in iPod boxes. I completely agree with how far they’ve gone. I feel like safari is a must due to the login issue and youtube too because this is an iPod after all and video is what it’s for. Calendar and contacts have been on every iPod so why not this one, but beyond that I don’t see how the other apps fit into what iPod does.

Some people were even saying they shouldn’t have got rid of the camera. Personally that would be taking an iPod device too far and there has to be some kind of distinction between the two devices. I think they’ve created just about enough and the only remaining thing I have a problem with is not having bluetooth when bluetooth headphones are going to become the norm sooner or later is kind of annoying. That and the fact that it looks so similar to the iPhone.

I was thinking it would be white or silver along with the black and have no home button, just a completly clean front with everything being touch except a few buttons on the top and bottom. I think that would have helped but instead it’s really hard to look at this and not think iPhone. It’s a cop out for Apple but it could have been worse.

Overall I thought it was a successful event except the wide nano and the totally overdone Starbucks thing. By the way, 7 f-ing shops a day?! That can’t be right can it?