Will there be another Nintendo game drought?

It’s definitely shaping up for 2007 to be a pretty dissapointing year in which Nintendo fail to deliver their games on time. No matter what any release date pages say, I have a feeling that I’ll be dissapointed in the same way I always seem to be with video game releases. The games you want always take the longest to come out and when they do, while it’s great to play them, its just a bit empty because of the long wait for it.

Mario party 8, metroid prime 3, mario galaxy etc all looked like they would be out in the first half of this year but now that’s out of the question. I think should change the release info on metroid and galaxy to be a little more realistic than Q1 2007. Nintendo have recently said that they are releasing pretty much all the games that we have been promiced in 2007. The problem is they don’t specify if that will be for Japan, the US or Europe and because of this, I’m taking it as meaning Japan only for all of them, some of them in the US and virtually none in Europe.

Recent examples of delays include pokemon diamond and pearl which are sheduled to come out sometime between june and july in this country I think, but it’s already out in the US as of April. I think worldwide releases should become the norm because really, how hard can it be to get the games out everywhere simultaniously?

Other prominent examples include Excite Truck which came out November 19th in the US and Feburary or March in the UK. The latest game I want to play but can’t is Super Paper Mario which is coming out sometime later this year I’m guessing, by which time i probably will have lost interest.

I think the problem is every time Nintendo bring out a console, it seems like there’s always a super smash bros and mario kart long in the distance and it’s pretty dissapointing when theres at least a year’s wait for it.