Electoral Politics Don’t Matter Any More

Even if the Greens or similar left-wing parties win the next election in every single country around the world (which unfortunately isn’t going to happen), it still wouldn’t be enough to give humanity a chance of survival. The climate crisis is far too advanced for that.

What we need is an immediate change to the way societies are run, and that is impossible within the political and economic systems that currently govern our lives no matter where we live. It can only happen now through protest, strikes, and generally refusing to live the way society wants us to.

An example of how useless electoral politics now are is in Japan, where there is a higher chance a far-right nationalist leader will be the new PM than the centre-left CDP forming a government. And there is zero chance of any left-wing party making any real impact.

Recently, we’ve been seeing record job vacancies and employers struggling to attract workers back. People have realised that they are endlessly disrespected with slave wages and poor conditions. They’re sick of it and they want to get off the hamster wheel. And this is exactly what we need; the people to hit the elites where it hurts. Once the ruling class of mostly boomers realise that the game is up (no matter how much they attempt to rig democracy), they’ll escape in the life rafts. We’ll be left with a sinking capitalist ship, but at least we’ll have a chance to swim to the eco-communist island. But it has to happen in the next year or so for it to be salvageable. If we wait another 4 or 5 years for the next elections, it will be too late. Especially because it doesn’t seem likely that the right kind of parties would win even then.

The Climate Change Pact

It often feels like everyone knows we’re at the end of our involvement in the climate crisis before it gets out of control, but there’s some kind of pact where everyone denies its existence in order to avoid shaking up society. They would all rather die than give up their cars or stop flying away once or twice a year.

A tiny group of climate scientists and normal citizens think that they’re the only ones who understand how much trouble we’re in and have to spread the message to everyone else. But in reality, they all know, and we’re the only ones who are in the dark about the pact.

It sounds ridiculous, and it is. But it’s not much more ridiculous than the world we’re actually living in. Meteorologists present today’s weird weather with a smile, not a word uttered about climate change. Maybe a nod to the heat or rain being unseasonal for the time of year, but that’s the most you can expect. Even when records are (frequently) broken, they are careful to avoid making it sound alarming in the slightest. Don’t want viewers to spit out their tea and make a mess do we?

During the insane heatwave in Western America and Canada recently (the last one, not this one), BBC News showed some people in a fountain trying not to roast to death, and when the camera came back to Fiona Bruce, she had a smile on her face as if they were frolicking on a 25 degree day. Not a 50 degree dangerous situation where hundreds of people were dying.

In Japan is where this situation is most unbelievable. They get so much “climate change rain“, landslides, typhoons etc. And yet, when you watch the weather forecasts on NHK World, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is completely normal and expected. Yes, you get the daily red boxes of doom where they show any weather records. They should be enough to terrify viewers, but they’re delivered in such a lovely calming way by the presenters that you barely notice it unless you’re climate change obsessed like me.

I don’t know what the reason for this is. I’d like to think that the meteorologists are being expressly told not to talk about our impending annihilation, rather than their own personal decisions. But no matter the reason, it’s got to such an insane point now that something has to immediately change.

People have to know the true extent of what we’re facing, and if they do know, they need to get their heads around it so we can act in a way that will give us a chance of a future on this planet. Time is running out and meteorology is betraying all of us.

National Climate Pledges

These so called pledges clearly mean absolutely nothing since we know we need to cut carbon emissions by probably 50% by 2030, rather than the 25-30% everyone seems to be partial to. The entire point of the climate summit is to keep below 2 degrees c. So if they aren’t willing to increase their pledges dramatically, we might as well save the co2 and not hold the conference at all.