Glastonbury increases capacity by 20k

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Glastonbury aims to return bigger

Cool! Even better bands this year too? That MUSE set from last year will take some beating though.


Daz3D Aquire Eovia

This is cool. Daz have aquired the Eovia corporation, makers of the 3d software Carrara and Hexagon. They have just released Hexagon (the 3d modelling tool) on the daz store for the amazing price of $1.99 for platinum club members as opposed to the normal price which is $269.

You would think a lot of people are going to become platinum club members for just one month and still get a massive discount over the full price. Thats $29.95 + the 1.99 for the actual program. $31.94 is still amazing for the brand new hexagon 2 app.

The one problem I can see is, its so popular and so many people have ordered it already, thats its slowed down the download server massively. The fact that its a 350mb file doesn’t help either but I’ll just wait and download it later.

I’m really looking forward to seing what I can do with this program. I can’t wait.

Here’s a few screens of the app. Its pretty impressive and amazing value for money.


Flock 0.7 Testing

The latest version from the Flock Testing Downloads page seems to be bug free. I’ve tested pretty much everything and its working great.

I really like the way they’ve updated the photo uploader. It’s much easier and more fun to use and makes me want to upload photos non-stop.

The problem is I don’t have any right now but I’m working on it.

Anyway go and get this latest version or if you want to be official, wait a few more days for the official release of version 1.0 (cardinal). They may release even more features that havn’t been in the 0.7 releases.

Theres bound to be loads of hype and excitement surrounding the fist public beta of Flock and I’m looking forward to it a lot.


Lithium Cars

Why can’t these cars be cheaper?

” “A company may soon offer American motorists a new option to save on high gas prices — vehicles powered by lithium batteries. From the article: ‘Just plug in these cars for about five hours or so and you’ll get about 300 miles on a single charge.’ The vehicles cost about $35,000 or about double what buyers would pay for a gas-powered model.” Relatedly acidrain writes to tell us The BBC is reporting that a prototype of the new “Clever car” (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport) is starting to make the rounds on European test tracks. The car is one meter wide and less polluting than normal vehicles. It has a top speed of 100 km/h (60mph) and uses a novel tilting chassis to make it safe and maneuverable. “

Slashdot | Low Emission Cars Continue to Gain Popularity