An update on me

I’m working on getting into shape now. Thats my first priority over anything else because while I’m out of breath and tired I’m not useful for much.

I’ve let myself slip over the last year or so and its about time I felt my age and able to do things I want to do again. I don’t drive, nor want to so if I could feel comfortable walking long distances or cycling that’ll be good.

Anyway, I’ve got some ideas and I’ll get on with it now, just little things to get more active and imporve my stamina.

Also have ideas for some work stuff and other things going on so maybe I’ll get on with that stuff too soon.


A reminder for me

Dory Devlin : Yahoo! Tech

About how much better Firefox and open source is than Microsoft’s IE. Extensions, themes, better security, light and easy interface, fast….


The new mac ads

These new ads are great to see, for a few reasons. Firstly, Apple are taking more time to advertise the Mac rather than the iPod which is cool. It’s also a well done and clever campain.

My favourite of them is probably the one about bundled software. The difference between the two platforms is clear in this one. The Mac has the iLife suite of apps and the PC has calculator and a clock.
The only problem is maybe some windows users will not realise the two guys represent the computers and not the users. Though this isn’t too likely because its clear enough.
Apple are in a good position at the moment which is good to see but its not advertising that makes the mmoney, they have to actually sell the computers. Hopefully the people who have thought about switching before will take the plunge now.

I think we’ve been close to having a Mac in this house twice now but both times we have chickened out and gone for the windows pc which looking back on it was a big mistake.

You can watch all the ads in quality up to hd on the Apple site, but not at the UK one. Brits have to put up with the ugliness of the MacBook Pro 17″ right now.


I hope not

“BusinessWeek reports that McAfee has just come out with a report which asks the question ‘Is Mac OS X the Next Windows?’.” They appear to be attempting to scare consumers into buying anti-virus software for OSX. Blogger Arik Hesseldahl breaks down their claims: “First off, Mac users on average pay more for their computers, are self-selected because they tend to know more about technology than your average PC buyer, and by and large are a bit more affluent than those who buy cheapo commodity Windows PCs … When you take into account the ongoing growth in general PC ownership, even if Apple pushes its annual unit sales to 12 million or more by 2010, its share of the overall market will still account for about 4%, leaving Windows the far more tasty target.”

Slashdot | McAfee Feigns Fear at Mac Security

Hopefully they don’t come to mac, and hopefully mcaffee don’t come to mac. But if they did I would be looking to avg and zonearlarm to do whats needed to get rid of them, not mcaffee because I’ve had problems that mcaffee hasn’t been able to fix before.