Lithium Cars

Why can’t these cars be cheaper?

” “A company may soon offer American motorists a new option to save on high gas prices — vehicles powered by lithium batteries. From the article: ‘Just plug in these cars for about five hours or so and you’ll get about 300 miles on a single charge.’ The vehicles cost about $35,000 or about double what buyers would pay for a gas-powered model.” Relatedly acidrain writes to tell us The BBC is reporting that a prototype of the new “Clever car” (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport) is starting to make the rounds on European test tracks. The car is one meter wide and less polluting than normal vehicles. It has a top speed of 100 km/h (60mph) and uses a novel tilting chassis to make it safe and maneuverable. “

Slashdot | Low Emission Cars Continue to Gain Popularity


Drupal Rules! but…

What do I do with it?

I really want to use it to create something cool, but I need a reason to do something. Not only that, but I only have one database to use and although I can add it into the single one with two php forums and this blog, I don’t want to lose the stuff I have. I think I’ll wait until I need to do a redesign of 3DG before I use it, or maybe some other project comes along.

Even so, the point is drupal is an amazing open source content managment system with virutally limitless potential.

Check it out at

Google resume


I’m just working on my Google resume. Thats using my ClaimID and meta data as much as possible to bump my name and my site to the top of the google rankings.

I guess with this sort of thing its about luck as well as perserverance but hopefully I can get it done soon.