New Y! Maps Beta

Y! Maps Beta

The new Y! Maps Beta looks much cooler than the old one. The new mini-map in the corner is useful and helps you to keep track of where you are and give an easy way to zoom in and out.

The one problem I have with it is its not as detailed in some things as google maps / earth is. This is as far as you can zoom in to worthing without getting the error message. Thats ok because in google it just goes blurry and distorts that pic, not going any further in. With google though it still shows all roads, Y! doesn’t show any roads.

Its cool but stick with google.


ID Claimed

I have claimed my ID at

Get your own ID here.


The universal version of firefox now released. takes advantage of the speed upgrade in the new intel macs.

The new version just downloaded automatically for me so it should do for everyone else too.



Flickr is an amazing site, I thought why not do something to make sure its around as long as possible. I know it probably will be anyway but it helps you to feel more welcome using up their bandwidth this way.