Every day I think about the climate crisis and our future, and it’s certainly stressful. But since I can’t help caring about it, I might as well try and do something about it.

As Greta says, hope comes from action, and that’s what this blog is about. The things we can do, the technologies that exist and that are coming soon, that together will give us the best chance to limit the damage to our world.

We can’t “solve” the problem. People are and will continue to die from this self inflicted tragedy. People will continue to lose their homes and livelihoods. Many animals will continue to struggle and eventually go extinct. Those things are horrific and inexcusable. But it’s either horrific or unimaginably horrific. That’s our choice.

I believe strongly that it is wrong that as a world we don’t share our knowledge. This is especially obvious when it comes to transport. The Dutch have a society that is built for cycling, Japan has a train system that is the envy of the world, China have an astonishing number of electric buses, and Norway leads the world in electric vehicle adoption. Culture should have nothing to do with how you get around, whether that be cycling, trains, EV infrastructure etc.

Between all of us, we have the solutions we need. We just need to come together and learn from one another. So that we all can live the most enjoyable, sustainable lives we can while we endure all of the chaos climate change will keep bringing us.

I don’t just talk about transport on this blog, but it certainly is the main talking point as it’s my main passion. I’ll also talk about all other aspects of sustainability including housing, food, our consumption heavy lifestyles etc.

Thank you for reading.