The Nightmare Climate Scenario

I got to the point a few years ago where I was hoping for the extreme weather to get worse and worse, because I knew it was the only way we’re ever going to get sufficient climate action. And it seems now that we’re rapidly approaching the point where it will finally force massive change. But then we got the news that methane is leaking from limestone bedrock underneath thawing permafrost in Siberia. This made me question everything, because if this gets as bad as scientists have speculated for years, then we could be in for massive warming in a very short time. If the climate is still in our control now, then it definitely won’t stay that way for long in this scenario.

It would no longer matter if tomorrow we ban private cars, planes and everything else we could do to reduce emissions immediately. Nothing we do would matter as it would be the ultimate tipping point. The nightmare scenario.

Imagine far-right nutters telling us climate change is still imaginary as the methane spews out of the bedrock, rapidly heating the planet and leading to societal breakdown at a speed so fast that no one can even understand it before we’re living in the apocalypse. I can honestly imagine it and that’s the nightmare.

I always thought that we would get to the brink and be able to turn back at the last second, but this news took that assumption and trampled all over it.

I keep saying that the left might only finally take power when the climate is so fucked that there would be nothing left to win. But now, could it even be that the far-right / corporate centrists could govern us all the way to our collective demise?

Is that the ultimate “owning of the libs”? To despise the people with the facts to such an extent that you’re willing to destroy all of life on Earth? Is that the grand ambition of Rupert Murdoch? To end life on Earth to teach those lefties a lesson in neoliberal corporate capitalism?

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