How to Save NASCAR (In My Opinion)

NASCAR hasn’t been doing so well in recent times, and something needs to change. I don’t think NASCAR itself has any clue what the reason is, which is evident in the fact that they haven’t changed anything other than introducing stage racing (which is not helpful in my view). Here’s what I think should change as soon as possible in order to give the sport a sustainable future, financially and environmentally.

  • Shorten the races by more than half what they are now, perhaps two thirds the distance.
  • Remove stage racing because of the shorter race
  • Different cars which are production based, lighter, as electric as possible. Whether that’s hybrid, REX or full EV.
  • Semi-automatic paddle shift or sequential stick shift.
  • More driving tech and driver adjustments that can be made on the fly.
  • Modern racing steering wheels like Super GT rather than old fashioned removable ones with no buttons.
  • Get new manufacturers to come in. Hopefully these rules will entice them.
  • Less repeating oval races and more road courses in their place. (COTA, Daytona Roval?)

If these changes don’t work then NASCAR would likely have no future, or a very small future compared to being a mainstream sport for so long. But if they keep going as they are, then it appears that they have no future anyway. It’s time for bold action. NASCAR brought in fuel injection, digital drivers displays and so on, but those changes were long overdue and quite small in the grand scheme of things. They now need to take giant leaps if they want the sport to survive and thrive in the coming decade.