What I would change about Formula-e for season 4

  1. Change the qualifying format
  2. Get rid of fanboost

These are the two big changes that I think the championship would really benefit from making.

My proposal for qualifying would be to have 1 super pole type session but for all the cars. Each driver takes their turn to set one fast lap. The order they go is determined by the combined times from free practices 1 and 2. This way, the element of luck is removed and because the championship contenders would be more likely to be near each other in the running order, things like weather and track evolution would be less likely to play a role.

Even if drivers were effected by unfortunate circumstances, it would be more likely that their rivals would not benefit in the way they might have in the first 3 seasons.

Fanboost is the other thing I would change. Personally, I don't think it's become as integral to the championship as they imagined when they thought it up. The same few guys seemed to always win this season. Perhaps because people don't want to see it play a role in the championship outcome. Perhaps those drivers just have the biggest fan bases. Either way, I don't think anyone would miss it if it didn't return in season 4.

Also, the fact that they showed the standings early on in the day and you see that half of the drivers have 0% firstly makes it look like no one is voting. It doesn't reflect well on the championship.

It also makes people less likely to vote for the 0% drivers, believing it was a lost cause, even though the vote leaders may have only had a few hundred votes by that point. Many people, including me, waited until just before the start or slightly after before voting anyway.

There may be some other changes made. I'm sure the powers that be have a few interesting ideas. But whatever else they do, these are two things I really hope they have on the agenda.

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