What I would have done to 2017 F1 cars

I like the look of the new cars to some extent. Mainly the rear wings, but the tyres are too wide. They don’t look modern. Here’s my list of imaginary changes I would have made.

  • Keep the tyres the same size, but make them more durable like the 2017 ones.
  • Lower and widen the rear wing.
  • Balance the downforce at the front to match the rear wing.
  • Get rid of the T-wings
  • Change the engine to a better sounding hybrid. Could be paired with a V8 NA or a V4 Turbo like the Porsche 919. Anything would sound better than the current hybrids.

With these simpler changes, the cars would look even better than they do now, while also allowing closer racing and sounding better at the same time.

Now the people who run F1 just need to make smart decisions. Except that’s not very likely. Everyone in the paddock seems to be more interested in going back to the “good old days”. The same good old days when there was no competition and outdated engine technology. They need to embrace modern engine technology rather than constantly bashing it in their own little world where nostalgia reigns supreme.