Every Month is a Temperature Record

After the astonishing graph we saw regarding February’s hottest ever month, and the subsequent record breaking March, I thought this run of records surely must end in April, but that hasn’t been the case.

Will this turn into a global panic situation in the next few months? Or will things just continue as they are even with routine record setting? Unfortunately, I know where my money would be going if I were a betting man.

People keep talking about immediate action, but what does immediate action actually mean? Not many people outside of climate activists seem to be open to the idea that immediately means today.

So many of us have the power to make real change in our own lives, and collectively we can force action. Not by parading onto coal mines and blocking large machines. That’s not going to get anything done except piss people off. People who are being inconvenienced are less likely to be sympathetic to the cause.

What does actually create change is for everyone to show an interest. Talk about it with people: your family, your friends, your colleagues. Many of them may not have even considered climate change before. They may realise they have an opinion on the issue that they never thought about before.

Talking is good, as long as you’re not excessively preaching to people who don’t want to be preached to. But actions are better. If everyone worldwide who could afford to get solar panels on their home did so, I can only imagine that it would be an astronomical leap forward in total renewable energy capacity, and it would help to bring down the cost of solar at the same time.

If you can afford solar, or even if you can afford a green energy plan with a company like Ecotricity for example, then you can make a difference right now, today.

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