Windows 10 – Should You Upgrade?

Yes you should upgrade. It’s a big improvement that simplifies Windows 8 and makes it accessible to anyone who knows how to use traditional Windows. Despite being traditional, it has a modern twist while being light on the Windows 8 gimmicks like the hot corners and charms menu.

It looks nice and it just works the way you expect. The only issue really for me is that it feels a little bit too small of an upgrade in some ways. Like a better skin for Windows 8, rather than a true evolution. I’m sure it does run faster and does other things better under the hood, but I haven’t really noticed any difference. It actually feels slower to boot up, but I’m not sure if that is just because it’s removing the start screen, which was faster to load than the full desktop in Windows 8.

The biggest issue I have though is the Windows Store. It is exactly the same as Windows 8, and it’s confusing. How you’re supposed to figure out which apps are touch based and which are full desktop apps I have no idea. It makes me wonder if Microsoft have made the wrong decision in trying to unify all of their devices under one umbrella OS, rather than separating Mobile / Tablet and Desktop OSs, like Apple continues to do with Mac OS X and iOS. If Apple are so committed to keeping them separate, then Microsoft should probably have realised there was a reason why, and followed suit.

While I don’t agree with this particular aspect, it doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the upgrade overall. It’s free for the vast majority, and it has a load of great features I haven’t yet mentioned, such as Xbox streaming, the new Edge browser, and Cortana. The personal assistant isn’t yet available in the UK. I also don’t have a microphone for use with my desktop PC, but from what I’ve seen of it, it can prove useful if you can be bothered to put up with the times it inevitably gets what you say wrong. Eventually we will have perfect voice control, but it still seems a long way off. Even despite the huge strides we’ve taken over the past few years.

If you have Windows 7 or 8, upgrade now. If you have XP, buy a new computer. What are you still doing with XP? That came out in 2001….