What does Mark Cavendish’s win in Ster ZLM Toer mean?

I think this first CG win of Cav’s career is interesting. I think on one hand you could say that it’s a disappointing result as far as his bread and butter, sprinting, as he was beaten by most of his rivals for The Tour and Olympics in the flat stages.

However, when you look beyond that you realise that he must have gone into this race with the GC in mind from the beginning. He would be disappointed to be beaten in the sprints but he climbed well and that shows his recent dieting is doing what he intended it to. Plus, it’s yet another accomplishment to add to his long list.

This will certainly help him in the Tour De France if he’s in position to defend green in the mountains far more comfortably than last year, and I doubt it will impact his top speed much if at all, especially if he’s at top motivation as he always is in July.

Being a bit lighter should more importantly also help him in London where box hill will surely be the big test of the day. He doesn’t have to be right at the front over it due to it not being that near to the finish, but as long as he’s there or there abouts he should be in with a good chance.

Mark has won Milan San Remo in 2009, which is a far more difficult course with a climb right near the end. The loss of some weight should hopefully lessen the chance of him from having an extremely bad day like he had at that race this year, and hopefully take gold.

In other words, even if the diet slows him down at the Tour, it will still be worth it if he wins in London. That race is a once in a lifetime chance on the biggest stage in world sport, and is the biggest achievement he hasn’t already got in his palmares.