Leopard Trek, RadioShack Merger Confirmed

Radioshack mars 2010
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I don’t know why companies keep doing this recently, but just yesterday or the day before it was reported on that Leopard Trek had denied the reports of them merging with RadioShack, but then today they confirm it. Why they didn’t just keep quiet rather than denying things I don’t understand, but regardless, we now know that it will happen after all.

I’m quite disappointed by this, but I know why it’s going to happen. Leopard Trek need sponsors, and RadioShack and Nissan want to win and they’ve just had a terrible Tour de France this year. They know that with the two other podium finishers from this year’s race they instantly catapult themselves into winning contention in 2012. The reason it disappoints me is mainly because it means another team is lost from the ranks and that’s never a good thing. It also means that around 11 riders will be let go from Leopard Trek and some from RadioShack in order to meet the maximum team size limit. I just hope those riders all find teams ready for the new season.

It’s also disappointing for the simple reason that Leopard have probably the nicest looking attire of any team and now they’ll end up with one of the least attractive in my opinion with a big red R on their jerseys. It’s also probably not good for Trek because they’ll have one less team riding their bikes, as well as the fact that everyone is used to saying Trek in the name of the team this year. This gives them excellent promotion that only a handful of other manufacturers enjoy, namely BMC, Cervelo and Cannondale. They’ll lose this next year despite the fact that Trek is technically in the new team name. It’s just so long that people will most likely ignore it.

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