Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mini-Review

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I recently rented Marvel vs Capcom 3. Fighting games normally don’t keep my interest for more than an hour or two usually, but this one separates itself from the pack in a number of ways for me.

I love the fact that they include a simple control mode. It meant that novice fighting fans like myself are able to execute all of the cool looking combo moves that otherwise would have been beyond my skill level to execute.

Obviously, you should also know if you’ve read my last post that I’m an on and off comic book fan, and so any fighting game with Marvel characters in it is more likely to peak my interest than any others. The gameplay is the same as previous entries in the series but it’s still a lot of fun tagging in and out team-mates and causing chaos by sending them in to interrupt proceedings.

Once someone more casual completes the single player experience and had a few fun battles with family and friends in the same room, there’s really not much else to do with the game. This is why it’s such a great rental title. I’m definitely glad I took the chance on a fighting game I would ordinarily have given a wide berth. I enjoyed my couple of hours with it a lot. I hope the developer gets a fairly decent share of the rental profit as they deserve it. I just can’t justify rewarding them with a full price game purchase.