Chromebooks are finally here, but they cost how much?

Samsung Chromebook Series 5
Image by andysternberg via Flickr

I honestly don’t understand the pricing strategy on the new Samsung based Google Chromebooks. These go for £350 and £400 and are primarily cloud computers. The £400 3G model may be worth the price if you do get the 3G service for free, although that may be a limited time offer or for the long term but with a strict usage cap.

I really expected these to be very affordable computers, at around the £200 to £300 mark so I’m a bit disillusioned by these prices. Of course, it’s entirely possible that they vastly outperform their cheaper netbook counterparts but even that is beside the point for me. The reason I would buy one of these would be because I want a cheap but reliable and simple laptop to do the essentials of computing. If I wanted to get a more powerful laptop that I could use to do more strenuous things, then I’d buy another MacBook to replace my original one. It’s totally grounded now as it has a battery that no longer works and broken wi-fi. It won’t even run Mac OS Lion.

Overall, I think that Google will have thought everything through and I’m sure the OS itself is a pleasure to use, but I hope they get some other manufacturers to make more affordable hardware to make Chrome OS a more attractive proposition for more potential buyers. After all, it’s going to be extremely tough for them to make an impression in the market even at lower prices. Even the might of Google don’t enter the public’s mind when it comes to computer hardware and software.