Playstation Plus Update: Online Save Backup

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This was something I was hoping would happen for quite some time. I lost all of my saves when our PS3 broke just as I was transferring out data across to our new one, as we knew the original was on its last legs. A service like this would have been great for me back then.

Even now I would this. The problem is that I’m not a plus member, my brother is. He probably wouldn’t benefit as much as me from this service. He doesn’t play a lot of single player games. Most of the games he plays are online and save data remotely anyway.

All of the Plus content except anything transferred to PSP can be played on other accounts on the same PS3 as a plus member. Therefore, it hardly seems worth it for me to pay a £40 subscription just to be able to play minis and PSOne classics on my PSP (when I can play them on PS3 already if I wanted to), back up my saves and have a gold plus next to my PSN name.

Not only this, but the save backup service is very low tech. In a perfect product, you would expect it to automatically upload the updated save to the cloud after every play session ends, and always keep the most recent version synced between the cloud and the system itself. Maybe it could even keep a backup of previous versions so that you could revert to them if your current save gets corrupted. It doesn’t do any of these things, and just allows you to manually upload each save individually, similar to how I used to transfer my assignment documents between home and college using either email or a USB stick.

Those things wouldn’t be easy to add in to an existing product like the PS3 so there’s no real argument to be made. I don’t understand however why there isn’t an option to select multiple saves and upload them in batches as opposed to one at a time. It seems too time consuming and not streamlined enough.

All things considered, this is a nice addition to Playstation Plus. It doesn’t cost any extra and the service was already a fairly good deal before this update, especially if you never downloaded a lot of PSN games before. I’m not sure what they could do to make me want to pay for the service. I would assume quite a lot considering that I can already play the content my brother is paying for, but I’m sure there’s something cool they could do to tempt me. I just can’t think of what it would entail.