Force India VJM04 2011 Car Launch

VJM04, via Autosport

The new Force India car is an interesting subject. The air-box has been changed considerably to use the blade style pioneered by Mercedes last year, and adopted by Team Lotus this year. It’s an interesting change considering Mercedes themselves haven’t continued with that concept and have gone back to a traditional style.

The front of the car is where I am most perplexed though. The nose looks chunky, just like last year’s VJM03 and also the Renault from 2010, which was considered by quite a few to be the worst looking nose of any car last season. I don’t really understand why they haven’t followed the trend of sleeker, slimmer noses on their new car, but they were at least ahead of most of the rest in having a high nose on the car, along with Sauber who also have had a similar design for several years. I just hope that their bulbous one doesn’t detract from their performance gains elsewhere.

As far as the look of the car livery wise in concerned, I really like the new digital look of the accent colours over the white base. The layout of the logos is also improved and it’s a really nice change from their livery of the last two years.

They will run the car for the first time on Thursday in Jerez.