First Images of the HRT F111 2011 Car Released

It’s clear to see where Daniel Simon got the inspiration for this livery. They even call it the cosmic motors livery in the above picture. It looks a lot better than last year’s ugly grey design but I’m not sure what it really has to do with Spain. That’s not necessarily a problem, but even last year’s car had small indications, like the narrow yellow and red stripes that went from the front of the car to the back of the engine cover.

Speaking of the engine cover, from this early image, you can see that they have actually gone with the same square shaped engine cover that Red Bull have with the RB7, which is quite interesting. It’s probably a coincidence but it makes you wonder why only HRT have done the same as the championship winners. That is unless Force India do but we haven’t yet seen their new car. It’s the last remaining to be shown in some capacity and I’m excited for that.

The next test starts on Thursday in Jerez.