Email Use Plummets in 2010 Among Teens

This is hardly surprising. As I recently wrote in a blog post, I’m relying on facebook more and more for my communication with friends and family.

I do still email my Dad and other family members as they don’t have facebook accounts. I suppose I could tell them my facebook email to do it that way but email works fine for that purpose and any change would only cause unnecessary confusion.

It really depends on how separate you want to keep your personal messaging and your business, news, online shopping and account management emails.

Either way, I can certainly see why this is happening. Facebook, not to mention text messaging which is the real culprit here, are just so much more instant and personal, and that’s what people want now. I would mention IM too, but it’s been around so long now that I doubt it’s contributing to email’s decline in the last year or so.

Texting too has been around for a long time, but it’s become so cheap to get practically unlimited texts for low fees that teens especially are sending huge numbers of texts every day.

Via The Huffington Post.