Red Bull, Mercedes and Toro Rosso 2011 Car Launches

It was the turn of three more teams to show their 2011 cars today in Valencia. Williams also were in attendance with their FW33 but it was in interim livery and none of the pictures are detailed enough to know if much has changed between the last car and this.

The Red Bull RB7 looks as you would expect. The only real differences I can see are that the engine cover is shorter now that it doesn’t have to reach the rear wing for the F-Duct. It’s also very square in shape which is unique among the cars we’ve seen unveiled so far. The livery on the rear wing has also been changed. Instead of the old Red Bull and cola ads which are still on the new Toro Rosso, the red, white and blue lines seen on the rest of the car have been brought to the wing as well. It makes the car look a bit nicer and helps to unify the look across the whole car. There’s also another logo for Total at the top of the wing as well. Otherwise it’s essentially a slightly modified RB6 in terms of looks.

Mercedes‘ new car, the MGP W02 looks to be a significant upgrade over the 2010 car. As I mentioned yesterday regarding the teaser image of the car released before today’s launch, the nose of the car does look higher and much nicer to look at. The car is also painted in a lighter shade of silver than before, which looks far nicer. There is also a larger green element on the sidepods of the car where the Petronas logo is, as well as on the rear wing. It’s a much improved car in terms of looks and it seems very likely in performance as well.

Toro Rosso’s STR5 also looks similar to its predecessor in shape and livery. One area where it is different is that it has a more rounded engine cover similar to the Lotus T128. Otherwise there’s nothing else in terms of visual changes to the car. Under the hood there will be some fairly major changes but we’ll have to see how well those play out in the next 6 weeks.