O2’s Free Wi-Fi

wi-fi fon hotspot base station

I have no idea how they are planning to make money on this, possibly by charging the venues that adopt it where it brings in extra customers, but apart from that it seems very generous indeed.

Perhaps o2 are trying to get people hooked before they implement

some kind of fee, but hopefully they won’t be doing that, or at least not anytime soon, as this would be perfect for 3DS and PSP2 owners as well as usual suspects with laptops, iPads, iPhones along with the seemingly endless list of other devices that have wi-fi.

There is probably also a cost element involved in this as it must be far cheaper to roll out higher speed connections via wi-fi hotspots than by upgrading their 3G network to 4G. Like all mobile companies, they need to take strain off their network in any way they can until they can cope with the demand better.

Regardless, it’s free wi-fi so it’s something to celebrate for the time being, especially if Sky throw their hat into the ring by offering a similar service as is rumoured.