Cosmic Motors Artist to work with HRT F1 Team

The redesigned Light cycle as featured in the ...
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This was announced a little while ago, but at the time I didn’t really know anything about the artist in question, Daniel Simon. Since then, I’ve visited his website and seen his work and I’m extremely impressed. It seems like the kind of job so many people would want, especially those who actually have a drawing talent. He creates futuristic automotive designs and has published them in print in this particular book, Cosmic Motors, which was released in 2007.

He has also previously worked in the automotive industry itself, for Volkswagon and it’s group of companies, including Bugatti as a concept car designer. Most of those cars are just for show and never released but can influence the future of motoring designs.

As you can see from the image above, he was the vehicle designer on the recently released movie Tron: Legacy. The bikes look very cool and definitely different because of the strangely bulky shape.

As far as what he’s going to be doing for HRT, I’m not entirely sure.  I would assume that this role includes sprucing up their logo and general look. The company has a very generic logo and really need help in that regard, and I don’t think they could have done much better than Simon. Their car also needs help. The predominantly grey colour scheme is different but still in my opinion the worst looking car on the grid in 2010.

You would think that a Spanish team would want to bring vibrancy and colour to the sport in very clear, red, yellow and white, but they avoided that and ended up with a grey car with quite small red and yellow stripes. I hope that this year they go for a completely new look with a much more dynamic and interesting logo and livery.

Whatever comes of this, it’s sure to look great and be a huge upgrade for the Spanish team. The other great thing this shows is that Colin Kolles and his team are dedicated to the project and are determined to move forwards despite how desperate things have looked for them during their maiden campaign in 2010 and still at this point as Bahrain approaches and they are expected to be even further rooted to the back of the field.

Hopefully they can do it with a nice looking car and with reliability, you never know what they can achieve. If their commitment doesn’t wane things should drastically improve by the following year and that would be great to see.