F1: Legard out at BBC, replaced by DC

David Coulthard testing for Red Bull Racing at...
David Coulthard

Jonathan Legard has been replaced at the BBC by a promoted Martin Brundle and David Coulthard, who presumably is going to be the colour commentator in addition to his role at the beginning and end of shows with Jake Humphrey and Eddie Jordan. It would be a great shame to lose him from from his current role, no matter how good his race analysis and commentary skills are.

I do feel bad for Jonathan Legard to be replaced in this way, despite not always being a fan of his sometimes over-excitable style. I remember at the Japanese race he made a couple of mistakes that made him look a bit foolish but it’s so easy to do. But I just remember that and maybe the BBC did too. Organisations can be so fickle, and they might have listened to some negative viewer feedback as well.

However, despite it being a tough thing to happen, I do still feel that next year’s commentary will benefit as a result. It will still be exciting and fun, but I think Martin and David combined, especially because they are both experienced ex-F1 drivers as well as good friends, will produce some really interesting conversation and will engage with viewers better than in past years.