Zynga Acquires Flock Social Browser

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This is another acquisition that’s just taken place and I really didn’t see this one coming. I was a user of Flock for quite a while when it first came out but I stopped using it around the time they released the final first non-beta version. It’s an interesting experiment in how to integrate so much social content into a browser, but I feel like in the end it doesn’t have great mainstream appeal. Even I was getting overwhelmed with all of the integration and after some time using it I just wanted to go back to the regular website versions of these services for the most part.

It would seem a strange acquisition for Zynga to make at this time. That is until you realise that they have a strategy of putting themselves in a position to be at the forefront of player’s minds as they browse through their optional browser extension.

By partnering with Flock, it seems almost guaranteed that we’ll see tight integration with all of Zynga’s games. Maybe the Flock brand will be replaced with a kind of Zynga branding and use it as a preferred alternative to their browser toolbars.

Regardless, it’s a surprise and it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the company. I should also mention that it’s nice for the guys at Flock as well. They are financially secure now after 6 years of hard development work so it’s hopefully a great step for them to continue.