Instagram and the Rise of Artistic iPhone Photography

Casual snap photographers have been replacing their point and shoots with more practical mobile phones for many years now, and the technology behind those camera-phones has consistently been improving. While even the most expensive of phones can’t match the performance in resolution and picture quality of even the average current point and shoot models, quality is often overlooked in favour of ease of use, practicality and sharing options.

Instagram is a free app available on the app store which combines all of these things, but also adds fun into the mix with a series of filters which are designed to make even the most drab and boring of photos into masterpieces. As someone who appreciates photography in all forms, I really like the concept. It allows everyone to be artistic in their photo taking and I think that’s a great thing. While you lose the photo quality, customisation options and the coolness factor of holding an SLR in your hands, it makes up for those things in sheer fun.

As mentioned before, sharing is a big part of apps like Instagram as well, as it allows you to upload to all of the familiar destinations: Twitter, Flicker, Facebook and even Foursquare along with a location sign in. For free, it’s definitely a must download, and there are other similar apps that play around with the old school way of photo taking and manipulation, but with a modern twist.

One last cool thought would be that if these kinds of apps ignite an undiscovered passion for photography in someone, then that’s another great benefit.

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