FaceTime to the Desktop and Beyond?

iChat has been ignored for quite a while now. FaceTime could give it a new lease of life. Image via Wikipedia

This is interesting news. It seems the next logical step is to bring the technology to the desktop and laptop space by incorporating it into iChat on Mac and maybe as a separate app on Windows. With the advances in browser-based communication and HTML 5, it may even be possible to bring all of this straight there with no plug-ins or software.

Surely we’ll see an iPad with a front facing camera soon. If FaceTime is adopted as a standard for video calling, we will likely see devices such as phones from many manufacturers and even games consoles like the 3DS and a new PSP that all take advantage of it.

It’s probably not going to be too long before we see video chat of some description take off in the TV space with products like internet enabled TVs with Skype, and products like Google TV as well as games consoles that have potential to offer this functionality.

Whether or not FaceTime will become the standard for all internet-based video calling is another question entirely though, as power players like Skype would have to get on board with it, as well as relative newcomers like Google who offer it in the browser with Gmail.