Apple Event: iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is probably my favourite Apple device ever, from what I’ve owned. I still have all of my 3 old iPods. Compared to the iPod Mini and 2nd Gen Nano, even my 3 year old iPod Touch is so far ahead in terms of value for money and features that it boggles the mind. This new iPod Touch takes it to a whole new level, and they’ve definitely pushed the boat out on this product.

Apple didn’t need to be as aggressive as they have been with this device. They didn’t need to add a retina display, an HD video camera, FaceTime or an A4 chip to keep sales moving. They have basically taken everything that amazed people about the iPhone 4 that didn’t include phone functions, and fitted them all into this device which is so incredibly thin.

Of course, not everything came over unscathed. The stills quality of the back camera is terrible by comparison, and there is no LED flash, but I have a point and shoot for proper photography, and even a 2mp one for snapping on my phone, so this doesn’t matter at all to me. What does matter is the video ability. They could have easily just added a VGA video camera like last year’s nano to the touch and people would have still been impressed, but they went the whole nine yards and blew everyone away.

I won’t go into every detail of the new touch, but as far as my predictions are concerned, I was essentially spot on with all of them, apart from two which were more my own personal predictions that no one else was really making. These were the addition of an FM radio to the package, as well as a new version of iTunes which would allow you to sync your podcast subscriptions from your computer rather than just the episodes themselves. This would allow quick downloading of episodes on the device that wouldn’t require searching the store every time like you currently have to.

Disappointingly, neither of these happened. The radio will have to wait a while until they finally do that, or I’ll just wait for BBC to release their iPlayer App, hopefully with live radio streaming.  The podcast subscription addition is possible in future iOS updates, but it doesn’t look very likely at the moment.