Playstation Move: The Early Reviews

PlayStation Move
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IGN today posted their reviews of all of the Playstation Move launch games, as well as the hardware itself. Overall I’m quite disappointed. Not only are there no launch games that stand out as a must play, the hardware, despite a good review, is said to sometimes suffer from needing to be recalibrated. This is something that plagued the Wii Motion Plus and I hoped it wouldn’t do the same for the Move. I hope this is simply based on playing in a bright room, and that in normal conditions it will fare better. We’ll have to see.

Sports Champions initially seemed to be the only game that would appeal to me. It just doesn’t do anything I care about now. I have Wii Sports Resort and I want something different. I don’t think it offers anything that will stay fun for long at all, and three of the sports are exactly the same.

EyePet is technically the best of the games and may prove to be the most successful as well. The augmented reality aspect seems to work really well and will have great casual appeal, but only if the move catches on. I can’t see many families, especially ones who don’t already own a PS3, going and buying the bundle pack for I think $400 just to play EyePet. With that said, it’s still by far and away the best launch game for Move.

Personally I’m going to wait to pick up the hardware until EA brings out their Grand Slam Tennis game on PS3 with move support. We haven’t heard anything about the game for a while, but if it lives up to what I hope it will be, then it’ll be the only game I’ll need to make the move controllers worth the price for me personally.

I’d also love to see a Harry Potter game with move support as it seems perfectly suited to it. We’ve already had a taster of what it could be like with the game Sorcery which was demo’d at E3 this year.

Aside from those wishes, I’d just generally like to see the development community get behind the move and really support it with lots of quality titles. If they don’t, we may never see the full potential of the device come to light, which would be a huge shame.