MY IGN: The Social Network for Gamers

MY IGN is essentially the re-branding and modernising of Club IGN, the part of IGN which enables you to blog, chat on boards and manage, rate and review your game collection.

The new blog system will be based on WordPress MU (Multi User). Of course, I love WP so I’m all for that change. The old IGN blogging system (which is still in use for the moment) is awful and very cumbersome, not to mention not very visually appealing. Replacing it is long overdue and they’ve done it with the best and most powerful blogging platform out there.

Aside from the blogging aspect, you can now also follow people and games on the site. Updates from these sources appear in your news feed. What this means is that now you can know when a review was posted for a game you’re looking forward to, find IGN editor’s blog posts quickly without having to go to their individual blogs to check manually in case there are new posts.

The next new aspect is the levelling up and twitter and facebook style updates. You get XP when you do anything social on the site, from writing a blog post to setting your status, to reviewing a game. It all counts to gaining you levels which is very satisfying and fits in well with a gaming focused social network.

I think overall this service has massive potential and really delivers something that no one else has been able to perfect. Because IGN is a very old and complex site, there are always going to be bugs whenever they make a major update or addition. This is an inherent problem with this type of site and I’m sure they’ll iron out all of the small issues soon.

Personally I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time as I don’t feel comfortable writing things about gaming on my facebook account as people who aren’t gamers at all don’t tend to understand, and I don’t want to burden them with stuff they don’t care about. There are no such worries here, and I’m really excited to see how MY IGN keeps evolving.