John James from his Mum and Friend’s perspectives

Apparently John James’ good friend has told Now Magazine that he struggles to keep women around. Maybe because he apparently “doesn’t do conversations” and because “all he does is play Fifa and Mario Kart”.

Well, I’d play those games with him for sure, and as far as conversations go, when you’re locked in a house for 6 weeks and counting, conversation becomes a lot more appealing so it’s probably an experience that will improve him as a person immensely. It almost seems to me like his friends might be dragging him down to an extent and not letting him be the person he wants.

His Mum was also interviewed in the same magazine. She said that “From John James’ behaviour I can tell he really likes Josie.” She added that she loves her and that “He really needs someone like Josie, too”. She finished off by saying that she would slap him if he broke her heart.

The real question is, does he feel the same way she does, and just hiding it well? Is he using Josie to win the show? Or maybe he’s just a fool by continuing to lead her on by mistake and get closer and closer to her when he really doesn’t fancy her. I can only hope that it’s the first option and I would be crushed if it was the second.

To me, there was only one explanation for why he put his football top on the other night, and that because he knew Josie was attracted to him in it, and because of him feeling threatened by new housemate JJ. If he wanted to diffuse the situation then he would have avoided anything like that and kept his distance more. He hasn’t done that.

But then today he mentioned that he would leave the house to meet Sophie Reade, the blonde that won the show last year. If he’s really into girls like that then I can’t see why he would go after Josie, even though she has the right personality to match up with him more, not to mention attractive, but not in the typical model kind of way.

He’s so confusing in almost everything he says. He clashed with Rachael over her arrogance and says he wished people didn’t judge on looks as much, but then by making a big thing of Sophie he’s contradicting himself to an extent as she’s not known primarily for her intelligence. That’s not to be rude but it’s the impression that is given out to the public.

Regardless, I just genuinely hope that he’s just really bad at expressing his feelings and eventually they’ll get their act together. Anything sinister will ruin the show and make both of them resent their time in the house so I really hope we don’t see that happen.