Digg Version 4 Beta

Digg hasn’t seen any real improvement for a while now but they have been working on their version 4 redesign for a while and recently launched it as a beta version for people who applied for invites at recently.

I’ve been a fan of Digg for a while and have been going there regularly looking for interesting news. The site is great for aggregating the kind of offbeat news you don’t generally find in the mainstream press, but doesn’t exclude the main news sites and blogs either.

The new version clearly is designed to turn Digg into a bit of a twitter clone by way of the new simpler design and more emphasis on what your friends are digging. The ability to follow people and see what they were digging isn’t new, but it’s now brought right to the forefront. They even make the default view the social news feed as opposed to the top news.

I don’t really agree with this decision because I prefer to view the news everyone else is viewing rather than a set of news that I’m likely to find from other sites anyway, due to the fact that most of the profiles I follow are company sites or other websites that I frequent anyway.

From a design standpoint I think the new digg is a nice upgrade and from a technical view, the removal of the diggbar is a good thing, and the focus on social news does fit with what the original point of digg was supposed to be. I just hope that they add an option to make the top news the default view in the settings.

Overall I think they’ve done a good job. Hopefully the test time is helping to improve everything further and then we’ll see the new design fully implemented soon.