Firefox Home Impressions

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Firefox Home is an iPhone app by Mozilla that is designed to accompany the Firefox Sync add-on for firefox. It isn’t actually a mobile firefox browser itself but instead allows you to see and search through your browser bookmarks, history and open tabs.

It works really well. The only real trouble I’ve had with it is remembering my secret passphrase which you need to login along with your standard username and password. When you tap to open a page, it opens in a generic webkit browser but you have the option to open Safari if you want to. It works well and it pretty snappy in performance even on a 3 year old iPod Touch 1st gen like mine.

I think there should be quite a large potential audience for an app such as this, as I don’t think that many people will have all their bookmarks copied across using safari. On Macs more people will be using Safari, and I’m not sure if you can sync bookmarks at all using iTunes on Windows. Even so, it’s not the most streamlined and quick method of updating bookmarks.

MobileMe is the only other real option that I can see for over-the-air bookmark syncing at the moment for iDevice users but it costs a fairly large amount for a subscription, and there aren’t really enough benefits to make it worth the price as far as I can see.

With that said, for the moment I think Firefox Home is an easy to use and well made free solution for wireless bookmark syncing. It’s definitely worth trying out if you’re vaguely interested in the premise.