iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Thoughts

It seems at this point that the bad publicity surrounding the antenna we all thought was incredibly smart and a great idea at the time isn’t going to subside. I think Apple have taken their innovative nature too far here and really made a huge mess of something they didn’t even need to bother changing. I’m not sure whether they could have used the glass materials on the back of the device and still used a more conventional antenna but I’m surprised something like this wasn’t picked up earlier.

Perhaps Apple are not putting enough focus on making a great phone that doesn’t lose calls and instead over-focusing on the other aspects of the device, which is a bit ironic considering its name is simply the word phone with an i in front of it. A recall has been mentioned in the news but because it would cost them so much money, and because the device is perfectly fine otherwise, I think the best course of action at this point would be to bite the bullet and stop selling the bumper cases and instead offer them for free to any owner who requests one. Then of course refund anyone who payed the ridiculously high price for one in the first place. I think they are charging £25 for what is essentially a piece of plastic and rubber that costs absolutely nothing to produce in the grand scheme of things.

I think what they might end up doing is changing the packaging for the phone to include a bumper or just keep it as a request only offer. Whether or not they go that far depends on if the phone is labelled as fundamentally flawed or not.

Either way it’s a huge mistake that Apple have made here on something that should have been a simple cash cow with no issues. However, it has happened and it’s another reminded of how even the biggest, more seemingly bulletproof companied can have one aspect of a product bring down the whole image of the device in the press. How these things can slip through the cracks of rigorous testing before launch will remain a mystery but it may have had something to do with the fact that Apple employees were using a special case to disguise the new model as a 3GS. This may have papered over the cracks of the antenna issue for a large number of people, but you would have thought that at least some people would have been testing calls at various levels of reception quality without using a case, but apparently not.

This whole situation all rests on if Apple can get through the hailstorm of criticism without having to surrender and give away free cases, or even worse, recall the product. We’ll all find out soon so keep your eyes peeled to the tech blogs, not that it won’t be in the mainstream news shortly after.