Scott Pilgrim: the Perfect Comic to Movie Adaptation

Even the comic book movies that aren’t involving superheroes like 300 I don’t think really convey the comic book medium to the masses. A lot of people will watch them and not even realise where the material comes from, but with Scott Pilgrim, I think they’ve got the perfect balence.

The book is very comic-like but the way it’s presented is so cinematic at the same time. The story is told amazingly well and the lack of colour doesn’t hurt it at all. It even adds to its charm in a way.

From the trailer you can see the traditional comic book style text that pops up when someone gets hit or something big happens, which I think is good to reinforce to people that this is a comic. Brian Lee O’Malley will probably reap the benefits of that with increased book sales as a result. It’s so deserved though.

Because it’s so clear that this is a comic book, that’s why I am such a fan. I think non-comic readers who are sceptics and who think that comics are only for super-heroes and for kids will rethink that perception.

Of course, older people may still think that it’s for kids, but it at least shows how much is possible in the medium of comics and how over the years they’ve been wasted to an extent by over-focusing on one genre over all others.

Just like every other medium, like music for example, variety is important and I think comics are embracing this concept more than ever at the moment. Not that it wasn’t before, but it’s certainly on the rise. My final point is that I find comics frustrating in that publishers are stuck in a rut creating stories for the same old characters endlessly. It’s not just that super-hero comics are too prevalent, but more that it’s the same super heroes, and that has to change.

By no means get rid of the iconic characters we all know, but perhaps scale them back and bring along more completely new content to supplement the traditional with.