Facebook’s Simpler Privacy Controls

With all the issues about privacy not seeming to go away at all for quite a while now, and recently coming to a crescendo, have the new, simpler privacy controls made a difference and helped to diffuse the situation?

Well, I’ve already made a point recently that I personally didn’t have a problem with the previous system. The real issue was with other factors such as not selling info to advertisers, and making the powerful but complex tools easier for everyone to grasp and use effectively. It took quite a while before my account was fully updated with the new controls and I have to say I’m very impressed.

They’ve truly been able to combine the powerful controls we already had with a new simple to understand front end for that interface which makes everything far more straightforward. They’ve done this without radically overhauling the previous system. This means that people like me who were happy before, won’t have to change anything if they don’t feel they need to. However, those who either didn’t fully understand the previous system or found it to be overwhelming are in luck.

You can now choose between the blanket settings of everyone, friends of friends, friends only and recommended. Recommended is the former default which has a mix of public and friends of friends settings. Once you pick one of these defaults, you can further customise individual settings further or leave it as is.

If none of those templates appeal to you, and for most people at least one should be about right with a bit of customisation, you can select custom and change every single setting individually.

I have to say that even though all they’ve really done is made a simple front end for the existing system, they’ve done a great job and it’s hard to imagine how anyone can really fault Mark Zuckerberg and his team now on the privacy front. Well, excluding things he may have said when he was younger and foolish, and I think you can forgive him now since we all have said similar things we regret.