Quick Thoughts: Downloadable Content Backup Policy

I deleted beaterator on my iPod Touch to save some space since I’m running out of my 8gb. I thought I had synced it to itunes but apparently I haven’t. Or at least somehow not synced my apps. I don’t know how that happened. I’m sure I did but this just highlights the absolutely abysmal iTunes re-downloading policy, or lack of it.

How can they be so heartless to paying customers when companies like Sony have a much more lenient, customer friendly policy. All they’re doing is making people less open to downloading content, especially movies and TV shows because they know that if their storage fails, they lose the file forever. Making endless backups of things is more work than pleasure and no one wants to have to deal with all that stuff when they just want to enjoy their content.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be backing up your data. It’s an important thing to do for all your important data and media. However, the content download services like iTunes should provide a secondary safety net for situations where backups don’t work or you make a mistake like I did in this case, just to provide peace of mind to consumers where currently there is doubt and insecurity.