2010 UK General Election: Predicable Yet Incredibly Unpredictable

Going into May 6th the general consensus was that we were likely heading for a hung parliament with no party obtaining a controlling 50% majority of the house of commons. The exit poll also suggested this, while you had to be careful not to take it as the actual result, because the real results could have varied massively if the trends had not spread nationally.

Of course, the exit poll was surprisingly accurate and we did end up in a predictable hung parliament with the Conservative Party as the largest. The events to follow though were dramatic and very interesting to see. It turned a possibly boring election into a far greater spectacle which seemed to grip the country completely. Who would have thought that the Liberal Democrats and their leader Nick Clegg, who actually lost seats in the election despite gaining a share of the vote close to Labour would be in a position of power where he and he alone could decide our next prime minister. It was extraordinary.

After a weekend of non-stop talks, we ended up with a David Cameron led government with Liberal Democrat backing in a full coalition. Nick Clegg is now our Deputy Prime Minister. Did he really dream that this was possible when this campaign started? You would have to assume not but even with his lofty expectations for the future of the Liberal Democrats.

I think it’s a great thing for our country that two leaders of two opposing parties, can come together in such a fantastic way for the good of the country as a whole. I just hope that they can keep it up and avoid any major disagreements over the next 5 years or until the next election, whenever that may be.