Tweetie Will Become Twitter for iPhone

Twitter Blog: Twitter for iPhone.

I’m very excited for this. I’ve been a big fan of Tweetie 2 on iPod Touch for a while now. I was a bit reluctant to purchase it at first especially when you had to buy it again if you had the first version.

Once you install it though, it becomes clear that it is a very well thought out and designed application. While appearing very simple at first, it’s looks are deceiving and it does feature all of the same functions as an app like Tweet Deck does. They are just hidden away while you don’t need them.

The re-branding of the app is a good idea. The Facebook app has been at or near the top of the App Store popularity charts since it was released, especially in the social networking category. Twitter apps have certainly been popular, but people have been wary of unofficial apps, especially ones which aren’t free, no matter how good they are.

Having an official, branded Twitter app for free will surely shoot it right to the top of the app store download charts upon the re-release of tweetie. This will also ruin the market for other twitter apps but to be fair to everyone else, they’ve had a good run and Twitter could and really should have done something like this months ago.

Paid un-official apps are going to be a very tough sell now especially when a free app does everything better. Not only that, but free apps which use advertising to generate revenue will also be in trouble because the Twitter App will likely not use advertising either. I would assume that they’re not planning on surprising us with ads in the app. Twitter are known for not wanting to advertise in the traditional way, and are looking at different, unorthodox methods for generating profit.

You would assume that Twitter will follow facebook and make the app ad-free and focusing on advertising on the main website itself.

Whatever they choose to do, I’m very excited about this and the future of Twitter in the mobile space and overall.