The Week of Low-Key Gaming Announcements

This week has seen by my count 4 big titles confirmed in a low-key way. First there was Pikmin 3. Miyamoto told the press that the game was well into development. Killzone 3 was confirmed as being in production at Guerrilla Games by Jack Tretton and now today two more big announcements have been made by way of press release or online interview.

The first was the 3DS, the supposed successor to the DS family of handhelds which will apparently hit stores in Japan around this time next year. I’ll have more on that soon. There’s too much to go into here.

The second was the confirmation of LittleBigPlanet 2 by Sony, who recently wisely bought Media Molecule. All of these are obvious sequels. Perhaps the companies behind them felt they were so obvious that it wouldn’t be worth trying to hide them back until a big game show like E3 because by then the secrets will probably have been exposed anyway.

Regardless of how they got announced, I’m excited for at least 3 of these 4 offerings, and that’s not to say KZ3 will be bad, I’ just can’t see myself playing it.