Palm are in trouble… Again

Palm have had doubts hanging over them for a long time now. There was the foleo debacle and the fact that they didn’t appear to have an answer to apple’s revolutionary iPhone.

Then came the pre. It was pushed as a real alternative to the iPhone but to me it was clear that it wouldn’t have the elements required to give apple anything to think about past the first couple of weeks after launch.

Now that the pre has faded away, Palm are back under huge pressure and I can’t see anything really encouraging for them.

In many ways almost all mobile phone companies are struggling to know what they should be doing. Nokia for example are struggling to compete with apple in the high end handset Market. To counter that however, they are putting a lot of emphasis on their key strong point, which Is their ability to produce large volumes of low cost, durable and reliable phones for everyone, especially emerging markets.

Palm on the other hand don’t have that luxury as they are known as a smartphone manufacturer.

Their best bet know may be to jump on the android bandwagon instead of continuing with their own OS.

Nokia could benefit from this strategy too, although it would seem unlikely that they actually would go in that direction.

We’ll see soon enough how palm and everyone else can bounce back.