F1: McLaren Vent Controversy

It’s no strange thing to have controversy at the beginning of an F1 season. Last year it was the double-diffuser and this year it’s McLaren’s complex vent system which is driver operated and helps generate 6mph extra power along the straights.

I’m not really sure how it works but that’s not really what matters. The fact that the FIA have approved this device to me is not a smart move. It means that now every team will be spending a lot of money to develop their own interpretations of this device in an attempt to simply catch up to McLaren. Once this happens then all the teams will be equal once again but after having spent a large amount. Not only this but the new teams and other less competitive ones may not develop this technology because they are so far behind already that it won’t benefit them enough. They will fall further behind the top teams and make a joke of the entire sport more.

To me this is very poor thinking in a time when new teams are trying to compete and everyone is supposed to be limiting their spending. The FIA need to be clearer with the rules and regulations so that these kind of inventions can be eliminated completely.