Nintendo News

So in the last couple of days Nintendo have been holding press conferences in Australia and the US where they’ve announced several things. The most obvious being the release date of the DSi XL in the US while the surprises were that Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M have both been given release dates, and not just release dates in the autumn like we all expected, release dates in the May to June timeframe, with Galaxy 2 coming first and Metroid no more than a couple of months after. These are also presumably coordinated worldwide launches for both.

Whether or not I actually buy these games when they come out or not (Mario Galaxy 2 is more likely but I need to play more of the first before that), I am excited for everyone who is either a hardcore Nintendo fan or just a gamer wanting good stuff to play regardless of platform. Nintendo could have easily just done what we’re so used to seeing in the games industry, which would be to just put out both games in the Autumn / Winter timeframe and just rely on the long term successes like Wii Fit and Mario Kart and all the others to carry them through the year until then. After all, New Super Mario bros. will eternally have new in the name so therefore it will continue to sell.

However, Nintendo haven’t sat back and let the profits roll in for once and instead are being really aggressive by putting both these big games out in mid-year. Of course, they’re partly doing this to leave room in their release schedule for Zelda and possibly another game or two later on in 2010.

The sceptics will surely be pointing out that with the massive profits they make on hardware and software (which costs far less to develop than for other systems) they should have been making much more great games since it became clear that the Wii was going to be a runaway success, which of course it has.

While that is true, take solace in the fact that Nintendo are seemingly finally getting their act together.