Google Buzz

I didn’t find out about this straight away but Google Buzz is a new service that integrates into GMail as well as having a big presence on Google’s mobile websites. It has a similar feel to twitter but instead of trying to replace it, it has an option to integrate with it, and pull in your tweets to this feed.

One thing I like is how it integrates with the Google profiles. It adds an element of usefulness to something which people generally ignore. I like how Google are doing this, because I’ve always loved the way they do things in a minimal, smart way. I just wished they would do more things which appeal to a wide audience as opposed to making toys which only early adopters who are enthusiasts will use.

My only concern is that Google are continuing to release many different products which appear to overlap, thus confusing the more mainstream users as well as the more techy people to a lesser extent.

Google Wave has become notorious for being confusing and offering too many options rather than streamlining the experience. While I feel like the service does have potential as a future email replacement, for the time being it’s a bit too ahead of it’s time.

Google also have Talk and Buzz both tightly integrated into GMail’s web interface, as well as docs, which Wave takes elements of. Talk and Buzz don’t appear to cross over really and provide useful communication tools for different instances. Talk caters to one to one quick chat while Buzz is more of a public means of communication, even if you’re only sending posts to a certain group, it’s most likely to be to more than one person, and not a very personal message.

Of course then you have email, which still serves a purpose for slower communication and receiving information from various sources, although saying that, Reader is now more useful for keeping up with news from many different sources across various sources.

Overall, I personally like Google Buzz. It forces you to sort out your Google Contacts which is useful, it breathes new life into Google Profiles and adds a new dimension to Google’s online communication tools without overwhelming people in the same way as Wave.