3DGalaxy 2009 Game Awards – PSP

PSP 2009 Awards

Quick note: Only games that I’ve played / am excited to play soon will be eligible to win awards.

Best Action Game – Patapon 2

Patapon was a great PSP game. The sequel takes what you loved about the first one and multiplies it. It’s definitely worth playing whether or not you played the first.

Also notable:

Best Music Game – Rock Band Unplugged

Rock Band Unplugged might not have the same lasting appeal that the console versions have but it does provide an excellent way to spend a few minutes when you want to rock. Because you play with just the buttons, it can make you feel great if you nail a tricky solo or other satisfyingly tough part of a song because the notes are faster than on the normal game, but also easier to hit. Instrument switching takes some getting used to but it is fun after some practice.

Best Platform Game – LittleBigPlanet PSP

LBP PSP is a great portable version of the original PS3 hit game LBP, lovingly downsized to fit the PSP perfectly. You don’t lose much of the experience either, making it an astounding technological achievement.

Best Puzzle Game – PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

PJ Monsters Deluxe is essentially the collectors’ edition of the hit PS3 tower defence game. It’s a game that was perfectly suited to the handheld from the beginning and it is really fun to play.

Also notable: LocoRoco 2

Best Racing Game – Gran Turismo PSP

GT PSP might not be technically quite up to speed with MotorStorm but in the end, I had more fun playing this overall. The lack of a career mode is a bit disappointing but it is a handheld game so I can accept that omission. Collecting cars will keep you playing for a while and the promise of being able to transfer the cars to GT5 when it comes out will please quite a few players.

Also notable: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

Best Visual Quality – LittleBigPlanet PSP

This game will make you marvel at the 4 year old PSP and marvel at how this game is really pushing it and unlocking it’s untapped potential.

Also notable: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

Best Use of Sound – MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

I could have given this to LBP as well, but I think MotorStorm definitely deserves an award. It has a great soundtrack, great effects and provides the same brutal off-road racing experience you will find on the PS3 versions of the series.

Also notable: LittleBigPlanet PSP, Gran Turismo PSP

Best Story – Resistance: Retribution

I must admit that U bought RR mainly for the multiplayer. With that said though, the story that is there, is actually well done and for a PSP game and is worth a look if you’re into the gameplay.

Best Multiplayer – Resistance: Retribution

Resistance PSP really comes alive online. By far the best online shooter on the system, it feels console quality in its setup and really run exceptionally well considering the hardware. You can tell that Bend Studio made use of all their expertise from creating the Syphon Filter PSP series in creating this game’s online component.

Also notable: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, Gran Turismo PSP

PSP Game of the Year – LittleBigPlanet PSP

I’m a big fan of Patapon 2, but I couldn’t put it ahead of LBP because of how LBP does something that’s never been done before on a handheld. The way you can create levels and share them online works extremely well so you cold conceivably never run out of new levels to play. Of course, the story levels are fantastic as you would expect too. They seem to be a bit tricky for a handheld but they’re fun and challenging without being overly tough. The lack of ad-hoc multiplayer is a shame but the game offers so much that you almost forget about it.

Also notable: Patapon 2, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, GT PSP, Resistance: Retribution

Coming Soon: iPod / iPhone and overall awards.