3DGalaxy 2009 Game Awards – iPod Touch / iPhone

App Store 2009 Awards

Quick note: Only games that I’ve played / am excited to play soon will be eligible to win awards.

Best Music Game – Rock Band

Rock Band has great production value for an iPhone game, very good graphics and as you would expect, a good set list of songs to play. The controls of the game can be inconsistent from my experience which can make the game frustrating sometimes.

Best Puzzle Game – Peggle

Peggle is a great game, and this port is the perfect title to keep you occupied for a few mins every now and then.

Also notable: Bookworm

Best Strategy Game – StarDefense

StarDefense is another quality game from ngmoco that takes tower defence to a whole new level. Each level takes place on a 3D planet which you can scroll around freely. It’s a very unique take on the genre with high production values.

Best Visual Quality – Zen Bound

Zen Bound is a very unique, stylish game which is all about a relaxing experience. You simply use your finger to manipulate the object on screen and wrap the rope around it as much as you can.

Best Use of Sound – Zen Bound

The sound of the game compliments the relaxing gameplay well, providing a great overall experience.

Best Multiplayer – Eliminate

Eliminate is an impressive online multiplayer game on the App Store. While I’m not big on playing shooters with touch controls, I can appreciate a well designed and executed online game on a platform where you might not expect it. Plus, the game is free barring any downloadable add-ons.

App Store Game of the Year – Peggle

Possibly the best casual game of all time was perfectly recreated on iPod / iPhone with great controls and the same fun gameplay that the PC and other versions have for years.

Also notable: Uno, StarDefense, Zen Bound

Coming Soon: Overall Awards