WP 2.9 and P2 Update

A few weeks ago launched the new P2 theme along with the equivalent of WordPress 2.9 for self hosted blogs. I played around with the new P2 on my backup blog on and liked the changes.

I tried to upgrade P2 with the older version of WP and ended up having to delete it and search for the original P2 online because it wouldn’t work properly. I failed to notice that you need at least the beta of 2.9 to run it.

I’ve been waiting since and now that it’s available, I do appreciate the new additions and refinements. Instead of going into all those new things, I’ll just suggest you upgrade and get P2. It’s in my opinion the best WP theme around. It looks stylish, is feature rich and is easy to use. Plus, because it’s developed by Automattic themselves, it is guarunteed to work flawlessly with all aspects of WordPress, which is something a lot of themes can’t boast.